Some people want to travel, or skydive, or swim with dolphins. He probably should've stuck to one of those. This is 'Crappy News' for Monday, 10/16.

Clearwater, FL- A city official was placed on administrative leave after a drunken attack.


38-year-old Seth Taylor had a BIT too much during the city's Oktoberfest celebration. Taylor allegedly drove a golf cart into some outdoor tables at a nearby restaurant. Taylor then confronted a witness recording the incident on his phone, accusing the man of being a Scientologist, and putting him in a chokehold.

Taylor was arrested and placed in a diversion program. He's stated that he is embarrassed by his behavior and will enter treatment. [Tampa Bay Times]

Sounds like the kind of level-headed, well-mannered person I'd want to help run MY city...

Des Moines, IA- A driver had an--interesting--excuse for getting arrested.


Police attempted to pull over 46-year-old Frederick Jones Thursday morning. Jones refused to stop, and led cops on a brief police chase. When confronted by police, Jones told officers he wanted to be chased in order to check it of his "bucket list."

Authorities claim Jones was driving a vehicle that wasn't his and produced an ID that wasn't his He faces an array of charges, including OWI, operation without registration, unlawful use of license, speeding, and violating his parole. [KCCI-TV]

I guess you have to admire his honesty, right?

Iowa City, IA- A man was arrested after being overcome with Christmas spirit. In October.


Cops responded to a report of a drunk singing Christmas carols in the street last Saturday night. 41-year-old Aaron Holz was reportedly singing "Jingle Bells" through a BULLHORN. Holz was back in his apartment when officers arrived to notify him of the complaint.

About 10 minutes later, cops received another call that Holz was blaring music from inside the apartment. Holz was hostile with police and dared them to come inside. They did...and he was charged with disorderly conduct. [KCRG-TV]

Don't get me wrong...I enjoy Christmas. There's nothing wrong with being in the Christmas spirit. But, there IS something wrong with being in the Christmas spirit TWO WEEKS before Halloween. That should be a felony.

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