What's worse than getting caught cheating? Getting caught cheating AND having both women turn on you. This is 'Crappy News' for Tuesday, August 15th.

Modesto, CA- Authorities responded to what turned out to be a pretty hilarious false alarm...

Modesto (CA) Fire Dept.

The fire department received a call last Thursday about a body floating in a creek. Firefighters responded to the area and found the body. But, it wasn't a person...it was a life-size stuffed Dracula doll.

The department was relieved that the call was not what it seemed. [Sacramento Bee]

This is why you don't start selling Halloween decorations during summer...

New Orleans, LA- This may be the least stressful police chase ever.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

33-year-old Travis Campbell was seen driving a steamroller out of a construction site early Friday morning. The cops started going after him, so Campbell gunned the steamroller up to its top speed...eight miles-per-hour!

AMAZINGLY, police were able to catch up to Campbell, who said he worked for the construction company that owned the steamroller--or "Vibratory Compactor" if you really want to get technical. Officers contacted the company, which said that Campbell had not worked for them in several years and had failed to return the steamroller’s keys when he was fired.

Campbell was charged with theft. [WGNO-TV]

Chesterfield, MO- A man's bad decisions all came back to haunt him at the SAME TIME.


Between January and April, 45-year-old Tony Coleman stole approximately $7,500 in merchandise from the jewelry store where he worked. The store realized some jewelry was missing and called police. Cops discovered that Coleman had given the jewelry to his mistress...and her reaction was, well, NOT great.

She called Coleman's wife (who didn't know of the affair)...and the two of them teamed up to take him down! They each dumped him, then cooperated with the police to make sure he got busted. [FOX 2 - St. Louis]

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