This guy is my new favorite teacher. Here's "Crappy News" for Wednesday, April 18th.

Madeira Beach, FL- A man is facing fraud charges after lying about an injury he sustained at HOOTERS.

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55-year-old John Bradley Kane filed an insurance claim for $175,000 after he alleged he was struck in the foot by an "o" from a Hooters sign that had blown off the wall during Hurricane Irma.

But the manager had a *slightly* different version of events. He told police that Kane and some friends entered the restaurant and asked for food and drinks in exchange for the stolen "o." The manager showed police video of the sign falling onto the sidewalk without hitting anyone. The "o" remained in the same spot until Kane returned a short time later to steal it.

Cops arrested Kane for insurance fraud. []

Indianapolis, IN- Authorities received a bizarre call for help last week.


Firefighters responded Friday to a frantic woman who claimed her pet raccoon had gotten high from eating someone else's marijuana. Yes. The owner was concerned that a raccoon had she brought it to the fire station.

Even more amusing is the exchange law enforcement had on their radios, discussing sightings of the animal or which drugs it may have eaten.

Ultimately, the owner took the raccoon home so it could sleep things off. [WRTV]

Lancaster, PA- An 8th grade teacher almost lost his job...because of pancakes.


38-year-old Kyle Byler brought an electric griddle to class and made breakfast for his students while they were taking state standardized tests last week. The assistant principal walked into the class during this time period and told Byler he could be fired for causing a distraction during the test.

Byler wasn't in class the next day, and more than 30 students protested outside the school.

The Department of Education says that there's no rule against serving or preparing food during exams, but that making the pancakes could have interfered with Byler monitoring the tests properly. He was suspended without pay April 10th, but is expected back to work on Thursday. [Newser]

Wouldn't the principal INTERRUPTING A TEST be a bigger distraction?

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