Did the firefighters bring any marshmallows? This is "Crappy News" for Friday, June 29th, 2018.

Dallas, TX- A man went to jail...for posting negative Yelp reviews.


54-year-old William Stanley got into trouble after threatening to post derogatory comments about a financial firm...unless they paid him $30,000.

The firm pressed charges, Stanley was ordered to pay $175,000 in restitution...and he got three years in prison for it.  But he got paroled less than a year later. Within weeks of his release, Stanley followed up on his threat, launching smear campaign online against the same firm--from his halfway house. Stanley published the bogus information on at least eight websites, including Yelp and Facebook.

Earlier this month, Stanley was sentenced to 97 months in federal prison for cyber crimes...and he's being forced to pay $5.6 MILLION in damages. [Gizmodo / Justice.gov]

Madison, WI- A creep got clipped by karma.

Francesco Salvaggio

Police say a 32-year-old man purchased a shoe-mounted camera with the intent of taking "upskirt" videos of women. However, before he could get any footage...the camera's battery EXPLODED.

He wound up with an injured foot, and apparently a guilty conscience...because he went to the cops to turn himself in.

The subject was "counseled on his actions" but officers didn't issue any charges since no video had been recorded. [WKOW-TV]

Dexter, IA- This is not the kind of hot chocolate I'd prefer.


A semi carrying Hershey's chocolate caught fire on I-80 Wednesday morning. Iowa State Patrol said the truck was headed westbound and had brake problems.

The driver pulled off the Interstate onto a grassy area but was able to unhook the truck from the trailer before it burst into flames.

A passerby recorded video of the truck on fire. No injuries were reported, but the chocolate was a total loss. [KCCI - Des Moines]

I've heard of burning calories, but this is a little drastic.

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