Every state has something to be proud of, but I don't know anyone from Iowa that's boasting about THIS.

The folks at Thrillist sought to "identify the very best thing in each and every of these United States ... great people, legendary food, singular sporting events, and some of the most breathtaking sights."

Our state has plenty of notable landmarks and traditions.

So, what fits the bill for Iowa? Corn? RAGBRAI? The State Fair? Iowa's largest frying pan? Field of Dreams? Pork Tenderloins? Yielding to horse buggies? Experiencing all four seasons in a single week? All worthy choices...unless you work for Thrillist. Their top pick?





Seriously. That's the best thing that they could think of? Very disappointing.

Every four years, Iowans gather with neighbors to leave the rest of the country slightly confused as to exactly what they're up to as they prepare to make people think they might actually be president.

While the above might be true, I wouldn't exactly be shouting it from the rooftops with pride. And who decided to give Iowa that kind of power, anyway? The caucuses are thing that happens in Iowa. But the BEST thing? Puh-lease.

Don't mind me...I'll be over here making eyes at the Butter Cow.

Check out the full list.

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