Here are the Iowa high school wrestling results (Top 6) from the Keith Vry Tournament hosted by Aplington-Parkersburg High School on December 13, 2014.

Aplington-Parkersburg High School
Parkersburg, IA
Iowa High School Wrestling Tournament Results (Top 6)
December 13, 2014

Team Scores:
1. Clarion-Goldfield - 221.0
2. Don Bosco - 199.0
3. Sumner-Fredericksburg - 179.0
4. Benton Community - 126.0
5. Aplington-Parkersburg - 96.0
6. Regina - 93.0
7. AGWSR - 87.5
8. Tipton - 77.0
9. Osage - 14.0


106 Results:

1st Place - Gable Fox of Don Bosco

2nd Place - Connor Johnson of Clarion-Goldfield

3rd Place - Ben Emrich of Tipton

4th Place - Spencer Milling of Benton Community


113 Results:

1st Place - Justin Portillo of Clarion-Goldfield

2nd Place - TJ Schott of Regina

3rd Place - Jeremy Schmitz of Don Bosco

4th Place - Keaton Bonewitz of Benton Community

5th Place - Matthew Klahsen of Aplington-Parkersburg

6th Place - Cordell Cannon of Sumner-Fredericksburg


120 Results:

1st Place - Austin Hellman of Don Bosco

2nd Place - Lucas Lienemann of Clarion-Goldfield

3rd Place - Tate Buck of Benton Community

4th Place - Thomas Dominy of Aplington-Parkersburg


126 Results:

1st Place - Josh Portillo of Clarion-Goldfield

2nd Place - Nick Mangrich of Don Bosco

3rd Place - Carter Seitsinger of Sumner-Fredericksburg

4th Place - Garrett Werner of Benton Community

5th Place - Logan Johnson of Aplington-Parkersburg


132 Results:

1st Place - Dylan Beaver of Benton Community

2nd Place - Tanner Abbas of Clarion-Goldfield

3rd Place - Lincoln Thompson of Aplington-Parkersburg

4th Place - Miguel Reyes of AGWSR

5th Place - Carter Matt of Sumner-Fredericksburg

6th Place - Owen Mangrich of Don Bosco


138 Results:

1st Place - Joel Haberman of Clarion-Goldfield

2nd Place - Keaton Sherwood of Benton Community

3rd Place - Cole Fox of Don Bosco

4th Place - James Kime of Sumner-Fredericksburg

5th Place - Logan Hovenga of Aplington-Parkersburg

6th Place - Justin McAtee of Tipton


145 Results:

1st Place - Blake Meyer of Sumner-Fredericksburg

2nd Place - Brady Brott of Clarion-Goldfield

3rd Place - Skyler Woods of Don Bosco

4th Place - Ryan Schott of Regina

5th Place - Tyler Mork of Osage

6th Place - Hunter Maitland of Aplington-Parkersburg


152 Results:

1st Place - Chris Paulsen of Don Bosco

2nd Place - Isiah Brandt of Sumner-Fredericksburg

3rd Place - Spencer Gritton of Tipton

4th Place - Dakota Hennigar of Clarion-Goldfield

5th Place - Eric Bracken of Regina

6th Place - Riley Barrett of Aplington-Parkersburg


160 Results:

1st Place - Blake Pruisner of Aplington-Parkersburg

2nd Place - Mason Simpson of Regina

3rd Place - Logan Nelson of Clarion-Goldfield

4th Place - Bodie Garnier of Sumner-Fredericksburg

5th Place - Jackson Roll of Osage

6th Place - Sam Maresh of Benton Community


170 Results:

1st Place - Trevor Pagel of Sumner-Fredericksburg

2nd Place - Mitch Chapman of Tipton

3rd Place - TJ Even of Don Bosco

4th Place - Shane Poppens of Aplington-Parkersburg

5th Place - Levi Stockdale of AGWSR

6th Place - Ben Powers of Clarion-Goldfield


182 Results:

1st Place - Derek Kohlmeyer of Sumner-Fredericksburg

2nd Place - Jordan Challis of Tipton

3rd Place - Walker Even of Don Bosco

4th Place - Aaron Demory of Regina

5th Place - Tyler Duster of Aplington-Parkersburg

6th Place - Blade Durbala of Benton Community


195 Results:

1st Place - Zach Hickson of Don Bosco

2nd Place - Caleb Meinders of AGWSR

3rd Place - Brock Meyer of Sumner-Fredericksburg

4th Place - Jacob Reid of Benton Community

5th Place - Zach Pogge of Clarion-Goldfield

6th Place - Justin Hunter of Regina


220 Results:

1st Place - Clay Meinders of AGWSR

2nd Place - Elliott Ahrens of Clarion-Goldfield

3rd Place - Drew Kithcart of Benton Community

4th Place - Jacob Lashmit of Tipton

5th Place - Derrick Lenz of Sumner-Fredericksburg

6th Place - Payton Maske of Regina


285 Results:

1st Place - Michael Young of AGWSR

2nd Place - Jared Brinkman of Regina

3rd Place - Brandon Flurer of Clarion-Goldfield

4th Place - Dustin Lenz of Sumner-Fredericksburg

5th Place - Brandon French of Don Bosco

6th Place - Anthony Draman of Benton Community