The Iowa High School Wrestling Sectional Tournament at Assumption, Davenport is the first round of qualifying for the 2015 Iowa High School State Wrestling Tournament. Find team match-ups and results here.

For each of the sixteen Class 1A and Class 2A Sectional Tournaments, the champion and runner-up wrestler in each weight class will advance to the District Tournaments on February 14.

The sectional team champion and runner-up will be the Regional Dual Team Qualifiers. The Class 1A & Class 2A team dual tournaments are set for Tuesday, February 10. Site locations and teams assigned to those sites will be announced after all sectional tournaments are completed.

Wrestling begins on Saturday, February 7, 2015 at noon.


1. Assumption 261.0, 2. Solon 245.5, 3. Camanche 170.5, 4. Central Clinton 150.5, 5. West Liberty 139.5, 6. Northeast 58.0.

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106 Results
1st Place - sean casey of Assumption
2nd Place - Christian Haight of Solon
3rd Place - Tyler Bossom of Central Clinton
4th Place - Austen Clark of Camanche

113 Results
1st Place - Nathan Thoms of Camanche
2nd Place - travis pulse of Assumption
3rd Place - Bryant Woodford of Central Clinton
4th Place - Justis Dengler of West Liberty
5th Place - Jaden Owen of Solon
6th Place - Nate Bailey of Northeast

120 Results
1st Place - jacob fenske of Assumption
2nd Place - Ben Carr of Solon
3rd Place - Jeremy Sorem of Camanche
4th Place - Noah Bierman of West Liberty
5th Place - Isaac Payne of Central Clinton
6th Place - Carsen Mangelsen of Northeast

126 Results
1st Place - Louis Gnida of Solon
2nd Place - Brice Everson of Camanche
3rd Place - kirk mommsen of Assumption
4th Place - Ivan Escobedo of West Liberty
5th Place - Brady Benhart of Central Clinton

132 Results
1st Place - stuart schafer of Assumption
2nd Place - Noah Everson of Camanche
3rd Place - Trevor Yahr of Solon
4th Place - Noah Barten of West Liberty
5th Place - Eric Schoel of Central Clinton

138 Results
1st Place - Cole Fritz of Solon
2nd Place - Joe Kelly of West Liberty
3rd Place - Walker Wegener of Central Clinton
4th Place - patrick schwartzhoff of Assumption
5th Place - Andrew Edens of Camanche
6th Place - Travis Mickelson of Northeast

145 Results
1st Place - Kade Steuhm of Solon
2nd Place - nicholas johnson of Assumption
3rd Place - Tanner Mueller of West Liberty
4th Place - Kyle Irwin of Central Clinton
5th Place - Jimmy Zhang of Camanche
6th Place - Wyatt Schmidt of Northeast

152 Results
1st Place - Graeson Dall of Solon
2nd Place - Kyler Campie of Camanche
3rd Place - Blake Chapman of Central Clinton
4th Place - Lee Foster of Northeast
5th Place - Carter Kilfoy of Assumption
6th Place - Chris McMicheal of West Liberty

160 Results
1st Place - Joe Argo of Assumption
2nd Place - Trevor Nelson of Solon
3rd Place - Reece Westphal of Central Clinton
4th Place - Jack Damgaard of Camanche
5th Place - Joe Baker of West Liberty
6th Place - Enrique Cuatlacuatl of Northeast

170 Results
1st Place - justus burke of Assumption
2nd Place - Mason Cousins of Central Clinton
3rd Place - Dillon Diltz of Solon
4th Place - Kolby Snodgrass of Camanche
5th Place - Josh Walshire of West Liberty

182 Results
1st Place - chase hager of Assumption
2nd Place - Blake Dierks of Northeast
3rd Place - Zach Wegmann of Solon
4th Place - Jeremiah Jones of Camanche

195 Results
1st Place - Bryce Esmoil of West Liberty
2nd Place - Nick Bailey of Solon
3rd Place - George Zabrs of Central Clinton
4th Place - Layne Dean of Camanche
5th Place - alex kilfoy of Assumption
6th Place - Blake Pataska of Northeast

220 Results
1st Place - Noah Broderson of Assumption
2nd Place - Tanner Wymer of Solon
3rd Place - Nick Smith of Central Clinton
4th Place - Mason Tvrs of West Liberty
5th Place - Levi Mickelson of Northeast

285 Results
1st Place - gabriel rangel of Assumption
2nd Place - Logan Linderbaum of Solon
3rd Place - Ethan Sharp of Camanche
4th Place - Andy Lopez of West Liberty
5th Place - Brian Tran of Central Clinton