A man tries to relive a movie, two dudes get a gator drunk, and another teacher humiliates a student...

Santa Clarita, CA- This may be the only time in history someone has happily paid a speeding ticket.

Universal Pictures/Amblin Entertainment

Spencer White recently purchased a 1982 AMC DeLorean, the car made famous in the classic '80s film Back to the Future.

In the movie, the car goes back in time once it hits 88 miles per hour. So, naturally, Spencer decided it was worth a shot. He was driving with his mom on Friday night and rushed it up to 88.

As you probably could've guessed...he didn't travel back in time. But he DID speed right past a cop, who pulled him over and gave him a ticket.

The officer seemed to have a sense of humor about the whole deal, even showing Spencer the "88" registered on the radar gun and asking him if he had his flux capacitor with him. [The Signal]

It's pretty much a guarantee that if you have a DeLorean that you'll try doing this.

Greenville, SC- Two men have been charged after forcing a baby alligator to drink beer.


20-year-old Joseph Floyd Jr., and 21-year-old Zachary Brown posted photos of the incident on Snapchat and shared the images on Facebook. The pictures show the men squeezing the gator by the neck, pouring beer down its throat and blowing smoke into its mouth before releasing it back into the water.

South Carolina DNR was notified of the photos through social media. Each culprit has been charged with harassing wildlife. [KFOR-TV]

Houston, TX- A teacher has been suspended for handing out some terrible end-of-year awards.


Middle school teacher Stacy Lockett presented student Lizeth Villanueva an award for "Most Likely To Become A Terrorist." (It didn't help that this happened right after the attack in Manchester). The same night this SAME teacher named a black student "Most Likely To Blend In With White People."

Lockett was suspended for the rest of the school year, but the students' parents want her fired. The school says its still investigating the incident. [Fox 26 Houston]

I simply don't know how in 2017 an EDUCATOR could exercise such awful judgment. Nowadays, parents seem to freak out about every little thing. But this seems like a pretty reasonable complaint to me.

A few weeks ago, two teachers were fired after giving a 14-year-old girl with ADHD an award for "Most Likely To Not Pay Attention." This is WAYYYY worse.

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