Isn't the Internet a wonderful thing? This is 'Crappy News' for Thursday, December 21st.

Rio Rancho, NM- One crispy critter caused a massive power outage.


A utility company says more than 9,600 customers were left without power after a transformer explosion December 14th.

Officials say a raccoon slipped through protective fencing and climbed inside the transformer, which sent 150,000 volts of electricity through its body.

Residents reported seeing the explosion from miles away. Power has been restored and the utility company is looking to add additional security to the transformer site. [UPI]

Locals have set up a memorial for "Sparky" outside the electrical plant.

Bethesda, MD- Police were called to break up an off-campus party last month, and got a bit more than they expected.

Cops noticed windows covered with insulation and trash bags, beer cans and liquor bottles littered throughout the house and a sticky basement floor coated with spilled alcohol.


Several people locked themselves in rooms, and another jumped out of a window to avoid police.

Partygoers had consumed so much alcohol that the AIR INSIDE of the building tested registered a 0.01 on a Breathalyzer.

Police say the house was occupied by six 20-year-old students, each members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon (ΣΑΕ) fraternity. Since the six residents refused to tell police where they got the booze, they were each charged with 126 counts of allowing underage possession of alcohol and furnishing alcohol to a minor. [WJLA-TV]

I've been to my share of college parties...I've never been to one where the air I breathe could give me a buzz. That's actually pretty impressive.

Divide, CO- Two people were arrested after they tried to trade marijuana for a vehicle on Craigslist.

Photo: Teller County (CO) Sheriff's Office

Jason Mikesell posted his vehicle for sale on Craigslist last week. 39-year-old Shawn Langley saw the car and offered to buy it...with four pounds of "home-grown black market" pot. Langley went a step further and sent a picture of his stash to Mikesell on his phone.

What he DIDN'T realize is that Mikesell is a Sheriff with the local police department.

Detectives went undercover to meet with Langley and an acquaintance and the two attempted to exchange the drugs for the vehicle. The pair was promptly arrested and officers seized the marijuana. [FOX 31 - Denver]

Marijuana IS legal in Colorado. Can't blame the guy for trying...

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